Building a New Blog

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Planning and Design

Things I Want in a Blog

What other people do

Comment Systems Exploration

Self-hosted Discourse could work but I’d have to host it.

There is Commento but it has non-transparent pricing over 50,000 daily page views

Comments on GitLab Issues

Idea: an issue on GitLab for each post, and the comments on the post are comments on the issue. This would satisfy “don’t want to self-host but could if the hosting turned evil”. I have built and administered on-premises/self-hosted GitLab professionally, it’s not that hard. allows you to migrate projects to your own self-hosted GitLab.

Prior art using GitHub issues for comments:

Does the Wayback Machine capture gitlab issues? Apparently not:

But it does archive GitHub issue comments:

This may be why:

We now render all issue comments in Vue.


To do